Campus Security

In keeping with our “Closed Campus” policy, no one is permitted into any school building without authorization from the office. Security measures have been put in place to keep persons arriving to conduct church business in the church portion of the building without access to the school portion.
All exterior doors to all buildings will be kept locked at all times except during regular drop-off and dismissal times.

Any visitor wishing to enter during school hours must be identified by office personnel. Once the visitor has been vetted by Raptor Visitor Management, the school door will be electronically unlocked for the guest to enter. The visitor must then be escorted to the school office. Therefore, there must never be a non-authorized, non-staff, or non-student person in any school building.

Critical incident response:
If a faculty member observes a threat unfolding, the school will go into immediate lock-down, and the police will immediately be notified of the emergency. In addition, our staff may be armed and will use whatever force is necessary to protect our students.
The placement of video/audio surveillance cameras shall be based on the presumption and belief that students, staff, and visitors have no reasonable expectation of privacy anywhere on or near school property, facilities, vehicles, or equipment, with the exception of places such as restrooms or dressing areas where an expectation of bodily privacy is reasonable and customary. Each classroom, hallway, and stairwell, as well as the cafeteria will be equipped with security cameras.  

SCCA retains copies of video recordings until they are erased which may be accomplished by either deletion or copying over with a new recording. Videos, automatic identification, or data compilations containing evidence of a violation of state or federal law shall be retained until the issue is no longer subject to review. Any release or viewing of such records shall be in accordance with current law.

Watch the video below to learn more about Raptor Visitor Management.