Mission Statement

The mission of Victory Baptist Church is to “HONOR GOD in all that we do as a ministry, to BUILD LIVES through the practical teaching and preaching of God's Word, and to REACH OTHERS, both at home and abroad, with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The mission of Saline County Christian Academy supports the mission of Victory Baptist Church. We seek to evangelize lost students and parents, to disciple students, to provide wholesome fellowship for students and families, and to provide opportunities for worship at school.  

Every aspect of school life is directed toward producing academically well-prepared students who understand and embrace biblical principles for every area of life, who are spiritually minded, and who will influence those around them for the Lord Jesus Christ for a lifetime.

•K5 through 6th grades are strongly evangelistic. We teach foundational Bible truths about God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and we lead students to understand that to become God’s child, they must personally accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord and secure for themselves a home in heaven.
•7th through 12th grades have a strong discipleship focus. We teach our older students, who have hopefully received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, to grow in Christian maturity and to influence others to accept the Lord and to grow as well.  
•In 11th and 12th grades, the discipleship emphasis becomes more advanced. Our goal is for these students to become servant-leaders for Christ and godly examples for the younger students.